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Syrniks are a classic dish of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian cuisine, a kind of a home-done cheesecakes. Syrniks are served for breakfast, a great dessert for afternoon tea or coffee and a lovely light dinner. We make our syrniks according to our own recipe, which we have perfected for several years. We buy cottage cheese for our syrniks from a farm in Friedek-Mistek area in an ecologically clean region. It is the curd that has the required consistency, moisture content and taste for the production of mouth-watering syrniks. While selecting the supplier we tasted almost all curds produced in the Czech Republic.

We make several kinds of syrniks, both sweet and savory. The classic sweet ones are made with vanilla, cranberry, sultana and dried apricots. The savory variety are seasoned with dill and parsley greens. Syrniks are the great product for people who take their health seriously. 80% of the content of syrniks is pure protein from cheese and eggs. We strictly follow the technological process and maintain quality of all ingredients.

We are also mindful of people who adhere to vegetarian principles. For them we bake two kinds of tofniks – sweet with carrots and savory with herbs.
We offer ten types of sauces for our syrniks – from the familiar sour cream and vanilla sauce to salted caramel, sea buckthorn with mint and orange curd with thyme.

Our syrniks are unforgettable – tender, fluffy, melting in the mouth like a warm snowflake, with a crispy crust and velvet-tender inside… And whatever type of syrniks or sauce you choose, your enjoyment is guaranteed!

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